“Connected Aircraft” Solutions

Cactus Aero provides Consulting Services and Technology Solutions for the Aerospace industry. Our primary focus is on the development of “Connected Aircraft” Communications Systems Solutions and associated Marketing and Business Development. Certain solutions are also applicable to the Marine, Terrestrial and Enterprise markets.

Our value proposition is the extensive industry experience we offer in Airline/Bizjet Operations, Communications Technologies, Software Development, Marketing and Business Development.

We assist Clients in marketing and/or developing state-of-the-art On Board and Air to Ground communication solutions (e.g. Satcom, VoIP, Wireless, Cellular, IFE, Software Applications, Advanced Gateways/Routers, Low Bandwidth Video Conferencing and Telemedicine).

Our recent clients include several major players in the aviation communications industry.


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We specialize in “Connected Aircraft” Technologies:
  • In-Flight Telemedicine systems
  • Low Bandwidth aircraft to ground Video Conferencing
  • In-Flight Entertainment  Connectivity (IFEC)
  • Airline Technical Operations
  • Aeronautical Satellite Communication Systems:
    • Inmarsat, Iridium & Ku/Ka Band
  • Cabin Telecommunication Networks:
    • Wireless, Wi-Fi and Ethernet LANs, Advanced Network Routers, Data Compression
  • IP Telephony:
    • VoIP, IP-PBX, GSM/UMTS Cellular Onboard and SIP Ground Gateways
  • Custom Software Applications and Solutions for Business Management, Aircraft Maintenance & Operations and Passenger Applications

Client Services

Our services include:
  • Systems solutions and integration
  • Market research and feasibility studies
  • Business development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vendor and product evaluation