Legacy to IP

Give your legacy satcom system a new lease of life!

Cactus Aero’s Legacy to IP gateway and converters provide the benefits and flexibility of IP without the major capital expense involved in buying and installing new satcom and router systems.

L2S 100 CEPT E1 to IP Converter

Expand the capabilities of Inmarsat Classic Aero satcom systems. Enjoy multiple simultaneous VoIP calls over the existing voice channels. Ensures compatibility with modern routers.

L2S 150 Legacy to IP Gateway

A comprehensive solution for converting legacy interface standards to IP. Interfaces include: CEPT E1 (Arinc 746), ISDN BRI, FXS, FXO, 2 wire/4 wire plus Iridium 9532 LBT, GPS, 3G Cellular, Arinc 429, CAN-BUS, Discrete I/O

L2S 200 ISDN (BRI) to IP Converter

Add VoIP capability to any basic router + high speed satcom system combo (e.g. Inmarsat Swift 64, SBB, ViaSat Ka) Add VoIP to a data only cabin network environments.