AirLink SecureEye (ALiSE)
The Cactus Aero Airlink SecureEye (ALiSE) is a portable, wireless (cellular) camera security system which, when triggered, streams
live video and sends alert notifications via SMS/Email to your Smartphone, wireless enabled laptop/tablet/computer or security
monitoring service.
This is invaluable for monitoring your high value equipment such as aircraft parked in remote locations where monitoring of intrusions
is essential in preventing, theft, vandalism and sabotage.
ALiSE’s portability means that it can be used to provide a live visual link to a remote Technical Support Center during avionics trouble
shooting with the Cactus Aero Remote Diagnostics Unit or for other operational purposes.
Note that ALiSE is designed for use on the ground only.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Live video JPEG streaming on any type of mobile network
  • SMS and e-mail Motion Detected/Door open alert notifications
  • Records Hi-res color VGA video clips on internal SD card and/or on a remote server for later retrieval
  • Plug and play setup procedure, works on most phones (3G or better)
  • Secure tamperproof solution: replaceable 2-hour back-up battery and mobile data connections
  • Smart software controlled motion detection
  • Low light condition (0.01 LUX) support
  • State of the art design iMX53 – 1GHZ Freescale processor
  • Built in camera 640 x 480 (VGA) @ 30 fps
  • High performance H.264 video compression

Smartphone Security Monitoring– Tamperproof – SMS/Email/Video Alerting