CEPT E1 Adapter


SATCOM ARINC 746 CEPT E1 Adapter Unit (EAU)

The CEPT E1 Adapter unit (EAU) allows interfacing equipment that lacks CEPT E1 interfaces. This would arise in an upgrade scenario to the Swift Broadband Highspeed Data System, where the communication gateway system does not support a CEPT E1 interface and would lead to the loss of the Classic Aero Circuit Voice Channels. The EAU provides the necessary adaptation interface.


ARINC 746 Compliant CEPT E1 Interfaces:  Qty. 2

  • Configurable Layer 2 & 3 communication parameters

Selection of LAN/WAN interfaces:

  • Ethernet:  Qty. 1
  • ISDN S/T BRI:  Qty. 2

Full Featured SIP (VoIP) & ISDN Voice Interfaces:

  • Supports up to four (4) concurrent VoIP calls
  • Supports up to two concurrent ISDN circuit calls
  • Supports AMBE+2 circuit calls

Easy One Touch Operation:

  • Simple Plug & Play

Technical Specifications

Power :
Input Power :  28 VDC
Power Consumption :  < 1 Amp, 28 watts Max.

Small size:  150mm x 120mm x 55mm (6″ x 5″ x 2″)
Light Weight:  < 3 lbs.
Package:  Flange mount
Cooling: No Cooling Required

Avionics Certification: 
Software: Non-Essential DO-178 Level  E
Hardware: RTCA DO-160E (Pending)
Temperature: A1
Vibration:  S/B
Radiated RF Emissions:  M

Warranty  : 1 year parts and labor