Current Products

 We assist our clients in various ways, from business development, creating specialized software applications to designing and implementing complete systems. On an opportunity basis, we also develop our own products and solutions. Our current products are highlighted here.

i2S ISDN to SIP Converter

i2S is a low cost communications gateway that provides telephony functions for aircraft equipped with a basic Satcom/Router data only system. This allows passengers to use their personal smart devices for wireless or wired VoIP calls

The i2S works with any SIP based SoftPhone for Android, BlackBerry and iOS and any wired SIP VoIP phones such as AirCell and ICG e-Phone.

AGCG Aeronautical Ground Communications Gateway

The AGCG is an enterprise level gateway for seamlessly connecting IP telephony from aircraft (or marine vessel/land craft) to the terrestrial or cellular telephone system via a satcom service provider’s ground termination facility.

It is compatible with all industry standard VoIP communications protocols and CODECs and cabin telephony equipment and gateways and can also be configured for next generation packet-voice communications.

A version of the AGCG is also available for secure corporate or individual air to ground communications. ______________________________________________________________


Link2Mail In Flight Email (discontinued)

The Link2Mail unit is a small, Iridium Satcom basedn passenger carry-on unit that provides seamless access to Email Messaging Services (text format) on BlackBerry and Smartphone devices. Smartphone devices supported include Android, Apple iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Windows. Link2Mail is applicable to aircraft, sea vessels and terrestrial Iridium Satcom Systems.



Remote Diagnostics Unit (RDU)

The RDU allows real time remote trouble shooting of avionic equipment via cellular telephony (aircraft on ground). It helps in reducing aircraft unscheduled down time and cancellations, reducing inventory and improving equipment reliability

  • Provides a cellular connection to avionic equipment for troubleshooting or file transfers.
  • Plugs into RS232/Ethernet maintenance ports.
  • On site technician can receive equipment specific expert advice in real time from remote Technical Support Center.
  • Small form factor fits into on-board tool box.