Link2Mail In Flight Email

Receive and send email messages from your smartphone while in flight anywhere! 

Cactus Aero’s Link2Mail is a small carry-on device that enables the reception and transmission of email (text format) messages from a passenger’s BlackBerry or Smartphone via an on board Iridium satcom system. Most BlackBerry and Smartphone devices, such as the Apple iPhone/iPad and various Android and Windows phones, are supported.


Easy To Use

The passenger’s smartphone device connects with the Link2Mail unit using its standard Wi-Fi interface which then links to the relevant Messaging System on the ground via the aircraft’s Iridium satcom system. No additional software or user training is required.

Cost Effective

Link2Mail allows the passenger to stay in contact with the ground in a much more cost effective manner than with satcom voice calls by using the Iridium data link. Many email messages can be received and transmitted per minute compared with voice messages. Combine Link2Mail with Cactus Aero’s highly competitive Iridium air time service for the best value. Please contact us for details.


  • Link2Mail is also offered with an integrated Iridium transceiver (model Link2Mail-T) for use where there is no existing Iridium system installed.
  • Link2Mail and Link2Mail-T can also be used in land and marine applications.

***Note that the Link2Mail unit is not part of the aircraft installation as it is a carry-on device.