Previous Projects

Some past projects that highlight our development expertise.

ACG-801 Airborne Communication Gateway

The ACG-801 is an advanced, full featured, cabin voice and data communication gateway. It allows multiple users simultaneous access to the communications services available via Inmarsat, Iridium and AirCell, e.g. email, voice and internet.

ALiSE AirLink SecureEye

ALiSE is a motion triggered portable cellular, security system that streams live video and sends an alert via SMS or email to your smartphone, other wireless device or Security Monitoring service.

EAU CEPT E1 Adaptor Unit

The EAU is an external stand alone unit for use with systems and equipment that require a CEPT E1 interface, e.g. for connecting legacy satcom equipment to newer cabin gateways that lack a CEPT E1 interface.

PACS Portable Aircraft Communication System

PACS is a portable Iridium unit that allows voice, email and text communications for both passengers and cockpit crew. Dual Iridium transceivers and VoIP facilitates multiple simultaneous access. An integrated server hosts a variety of applications such as credit card billing and advertizing.