Remote Diagnostics Unit (RDU-1)

Cactus Aero’s Remote Diagnostics Unit (RDU-1) is a “pocket sized” unit for remotely accessing the maintenance menus of avionic equipment (aircraft on ground) for troubleshooting via cellular networks. Ethernet (RJ45) or Serial (RS232) maintenance ports are required for connection to the RDU-1.

The RDU-1 can also be used for remotely uploading and downloading data such as event logs and IFE files.

Compatible with the latest 4G LTE standards, the RDU-1 is capable of maximum speeds of 100 Mbps Download and 50 Mbps Upload.

Several functions are accessible to aid in troubleshooting or maintenance:

  • View system operational event logs, e.g. failure event logs, call event logs
  • Download operational event logs (typically text files)
  • Configure system operational parameters interactively
  • Download/upload system configuration files (data files)

Major Cost Savings

Reduce Flight Cancelleations

The RDU-1 offers a simple, cost effective operational advantage.

Using the RDU-1 to remotely diagnose problem equipment in real time by an expert could make the difference between a delay and a flight cancellation.

Reduce Expensive Inventory

Up front diagnosis by a specialist via the RDU-1 could help reduce the number of “no fault found” (NFF) cases and, hence, reduce the amount of spares needed.

Improve Equipment Reliability

Detailed diagnostic information downloaded via the RDU-1 is available in real time for Engineering analysis by the operator and manufacturer for product modifications and reliability improvements.

Reduce Personnel Costs

A typical scenario could involve an aircraft with an avionics problem at a distant location without maintenance facilities or avionics specialists. Using the RDU-1 would eliminate the usual travel costs and time delays associated with sending an avionics specialist to the remote location – and perhaps even the need for a replacement unit..

Price: USD 1,750

Please contact us for ordering information, volume pricing and availability.

Using the RDU-1.

The RDU-1 is designed to be used while an aircraft is on the ground.

  • Each RDU-1 requires a static IP address (from local cellular provider. Contact Cactus Aero in case of difficulty)
  • Once the RDU-1 is connected to the on board satcom or avionics equipment (via serial or ethernet) by aircraft-side personnel and powered on, it is available on the internet via commercial cellular networks.
  • The remote Technical Support Center Engineer connects to the RDU-1 by entering the static IP address in his/her browser.
  • The Engineer accesses the RDU-1 connection page via a username/password on the RDU Home page (VPN connection) and selects the relevant equipment configuration (serial, ethernet, networked, etc.).
  • The RDU-1 will automatically set up a connection to the avionics equipment.
  • The Engineer can then open an SSH or Telnet type session to access the avionics equipment